Tibet an astonishing country, a plateau standing tall at a towering elevation of 4950 metres is the highest place on earth. Well known as the roof of the world or the third pole of the earth. Located in, the south western region of China with a population of around 5.4 million approx. Tibetan economy is overwhelmingly dependent and dominated by agriculture and animal husbandry. A timeless heavenly destination for, visitors offering a cultural mix of extreme lifestyle with exciting views of High Himalayas along Tibetan land.

There are over 800 settlements in Tibet. Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) is the official name given to Tibet. Tibetan cultural influences extend to the neighboring states of Bhutan, Nepal, regions of India such as Sikkim, Ladakh, Lahul and Spiti. Tibet Tour provides you with the panoramic views of mountain especially the towering Mount Everest from the Tibet Base Camp. As you travel to Tibet lot of undiscovered things attracts your attention and surprises you with something new on your every visit. Despite of political turmoil in recent past, the place is still intact with some of the extraordinary stupas monasteries and ancient temples. Tibet is soulful and spiritual as Buddhist Spiritual guru The Dalai Lama has an aesthetic mark in the lives of the Tibetan People. As you initiate your travel tour its serene environment vast endless landscapes relieves you from your stress and enhances a calming soothing effect. Moving further the barren landscapes of Tibet you come across the stately monastery along with its unexplored untouched natural beauty. Interesting and popular tourist places like Potala Palace, Nam-tso- Lake, Draksum-tso-Lake, Drepung, Samye and Sakya monasteries.

The capital city Lhasa is simply fabulous and exciting hosting numerous significant temples and monasteries including Jokhnag and Ramoche Temple. The temple was built during the seventh century by the then reigning King Songtsan Gampo. Jowo rinpoche –the most valuable statue of great Buddha Shakyamuni is housed in this temple. For those who love waters and its richness Tibet is the place to be in. Tibet is water abundant and is source to several rivers in the region such as The Legendry Mekong (Lancang Jiang), The Brahmaputra, The Ganga, The Sutlej, The Salween (Nu Jiang) and Huang He Yangtze (Chang Jiang). Tibet Tour starts from the beautiful city of Kathmandu flying you across some of the exotic natural wonders, before reaching you up to Lhasa the highest capital city of the world taking you into the inner hearts of the city full of monasteries, temples, stupas, chortens and varied river sources keeping you thrilled in every walk you take.

Tibet Tour is not only a mesmerizing tour but also the only tour with varied options viz., Tibet Overland Tour, Sight seeing Tour, Cultural Tour, Religious Kailash Mansorvar Tour and many more. Everest Base Camp Tour from the North face is a possibility upon request. Tibet Tour is splendid mix of two countries two different cultures still pose certain similarities in terms of topography and its rivers. Tibet Tour takes you to the world of monumental dwellings and architectural brilliance bounded by century old cultures traditions still practiced and gives you know-how on this third world country standing above the rest of the world. Mountain Hawk Treks and Expedition understands and has made available various itineraries according to the interest and availability of the tourists. So come with us and be ready to be swept off the floor and safely rest in the top most abode of this planet with us.

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