Upper Mustang is a mysterious, ancient and hardly accessible kingdom located in the north of Annapurna region in Nepal. Mustang is popularly known as the ‘Kingdom of Lo’ which actually belongs to Tibetan land and culture. Mustang is an isolated place which became available for trekking around a decade ago. Mustang trekking trail is now popular in Nepal which pass along the bed of valley most of the times. During rainy times, we might have to walk along the edge of the valley when the level of river is high. However, rainy season is very occasional here and therefore, Mustang trekking can easily be done almost throughout the year. There is no need of a great physical strength for Mustang trekking as there are no high pass crossings. Along Lo Manthang route, trekking is considered to be much easier.

Mustang trekking means walking through dry and barren landscapes. Mustang hides behind the majestic Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges and has relatively less rainfall than other regions of Nepal. In the afternoon time, you might face strong winds blowing in this region. One reason why you should choose upper Mustang trek is because it offers long-lived, unspoiled and unchanged culture and lifestyle as the region was not permitted to the individual visitors.

Upper Mustang Trek

Duration: 17 days
Price : USD 1975
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