The federal republic of Nepal packs more in its 147,181 square km most countries 20 times its size, Crowned by eight of the world’s 10 highest mountains, Nepal’s landscape compresses lush tropics and arctic tundra into an amazingly small span. Altitude ranges from near sea level to 8,848 meters above it the summit of Mt. Everest, the highest peace of the planet.

This wild variation fosters an incredible variety of ecosystems, Flora and Fauna, steamy jungles and mountain terraces, Hidden valleys, forested hill, frozen peaks and high altitude deserts. Tropical flowers frame views of not- so distant tigers and rhinos roam lush jungles while less then 150 km north, snow leopards patrol barren mountain slopes. Whatever you say about Nepal is bound to be true- somewhere.

The natural diversity is only the beginning. Nepal’s rugged terrain has preserved a variety of linguistic, ethnic, and cultural traditions rivaled by few nations. More than fifty different groups live among these rugged range, each with their own language, costumes, customs and beliefs. The valley of Kathmandu, a fertile green bowl set in the midst of Himalayan foothills, is an oasis of magnificent art, and home of the ancient and sophisticated Newari culture. Once isolated by suspicious rulers, Nepal only opened its borders to the out side world in 1951.In terms of statistics, Nepal is one of the least developed countries in the world but it’s rich with humor, warmth, and natural beauty. For more information about Nepal Click here.

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