Tibet is known as the Roof of the World due to its high plateaus, and a tour of Tibet is indeed an elevating experience, transporting you to another dimension. The ancient rituals and practices of Tibetan Buddhism permeate all aspects of the distinctive culture of the region, and experiencing this unique religious culture against the backdrop of the dramatic Himalayas is the central attraction of our tours of Tibet.

Our Tibet tours offer panoramic views of the Himalaya Mountains, and in particular views of Mt. Everest from the Tibetan Base Camp. All tours provide many opportunities to explore numerous monasteries and other monuments, to experience the many festivals and other cultural events that form an integral part of the Tibetan culture, and to marvel at the stunning scenery and profusion of wildlife in this unspoiled, magical land.

Each time we visit Tibet, we discover something new, and you will too: one visit is not enough. The charm of the people and of the culture is magnetic, drawing you back time and again. Each tour of Tibet begins in Kathmandu and makes its way to Lhasa, either by air or by the Araniko Highway. Both cities are spiritual centers and offer amazing cultural and historical sites, surrounded by the majesty of the highest mountains in the world, the Himalayas.

We offer various tours of Tibet, with our most popular being the Everest Base Camp tour (which explores the region around Everest from the North Face), the Kailash Manasarovar tour (which focuses on the religious heritage of Tibet), and the Tibet Cultural tour. In addition, we can custom-tailor tours to address your specific interests and satisfy your exact needs.

Price : USD 1975

Tibet Lhasa Tour

Tibet lhasa Tour is the best selection for experiencing Tibetan Buddhist culture the world followed by indigenous Tibetans and other ethnic people.

Price : USD 1675

Everest Base Camp Overland Tour

Everest Base Camp Tour in Tibet trail is comparatively easier tour. The tour is mostly on jeep therefore it does not that much strength and time.

Price : USD 1975

Kailash Mansarovar Yatra

Kailash mansarovar yatra the unique customs and rituals of Tibet's diverse communities, witnessing their unwavering faith and devotion during this life-changing pilgrimage.


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