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Langtang Region

Mystical and Mythical can be confusing but the essence of these two words converge to give one meaning of life that is being unique. Langtang Region of Nepal is synonym to these two words. From mystical high altitude lake having aesthetic values to the adventurous high passes and green lush forests of diversified flora and faunas make the region overwhelmingly nature’s paradise. Moreover, multi ethnic people from Tamangs to Tibetans have identified the region as serene fairyland to live on. People can find the best of nature and superlative hospitality of people during their trip.

Sadly 2015 earthquake tolled heavy damage on this area. The Langtang Lirung glacier outbreak callously washed away a beautiful valley of Langtang. However, the intrepid nature of the people living in the area is rising again. They have unearthed the mysterious power to remain happy even in disastrous situations. These valuable lessons can be useful to any people across the world. Come and explore Langtang region via any activities offered by Mountain Hawk Treks. Langtang Valley Trek, Gosainkunda Trek, Helambu Trek, Ganjala Pass Trek, Tamang Heritage Trek and peak climbing of Yala are the major trekking and climbing packages of the region. These routes will take the trekkers to the villages of the Tibetan, Tamangs, Brahmins, Chhetris and other multi ethnic people along with the breathtaking scenery of mountains like Gaurishankar, Shishapangma, Langtang Lirung, Ganjala etc. Furthermore, temperate and alpine forests together with the varieties of the wildlife make the trip of Langtang the nature’s walk.

Mountain Hawk always works for the establishment of sustainable tourism in Nepal. Your one visit to this place will be huge boost for the people of the area to once again rise from ashes created by glacier outbreak and earthquake. Therefore, your wilderness adventure journey will be converted into humane act too. The competitive prices, experienced crew members and exquisite travel planners of Mountain Hawk Treks will add gloss to your travel memories.


Langtang Trekking Routes, Itinerary and Cost

  • Tamang Heritage Trek

    Tamang Heritage Trek

    Tamang Heritage Trek is the cultural trekking towards the region of Langtang Trek and Ganesh Himal Trek. Witness the nomadic lifestyle of Tamang people.

  • Ganja La Pass Trek

    Ganja La Pass Trek

    Ganjala Pass Trek is the best adventurous trekking in Nepal at Langtang region. Witness the diversified nature of Nepal and feel the mini mountaineering.

  • Langtang Gosaikunda pass Trek

    Langtang Gosaikunda pass Trek

    Langtang Gosainkunda pass Trek is mythical and mystical journey of Langtang Valley and holy Gosainkunda Lake of Lord Shiva in Langtang region of Nepal Trekking.

  • Langtang Valley Trek

    Langtang Valley Trek

    Langtang Valley Trek situated in the north of Kathmandu stuns you with wild and serene views of massive snow capped peaks and beautiful glaciers.

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