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Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan is unusual, unique and exotic destination. Very little has been heard of Bhutan and to most people it is a hidden kingdom shrouded in mystery. The world travelers found it absorbing, mystical and captivating. This kingdom, often referred to as the last Shangri-la, a land of outstanding people, remarkable scenery, natural wonders with proud and vibrant culture.

So much has been said, written and read but a visit to our exotic destinations still remain a personal experience that will last a lifetime.
Its ancient cultures, deep-rooted traditions, absorbing history, natural beauty, wondrous architecture, awe-inspiring palaces and forts add new dimensions to the pleasures of travel and vacation. The sights, both natural and man-made are beautiful and unforgettable. The Taktsang “Tiger’s Nest” in Paro, Beautiful Punakha Dzong and Memorial Stupa in Thimphu with exquisite sculptures and carvings are considered work of art and masterpieces.

We make a special effort to assist our clients in all facets of trip arrangement, from choosing dates, to designing an itinerary, to offering travel tips. All of your Bhutan logistics will be taken care of, including all trekking supplies and details. Whether you are on a trekking or a sightseeing tour, we do our best to make sure you get delicious meals, comfortable quarters, an affable and knowledgeable guide, and a good night's rest, all while getting a glimpse of the heart of Bhutan. Our goal is to have you learn something about the country and the lifestyle of the people, visit significant sights, relax and take in the elegant mountainous surroundings, and come away with the sense that you've had an adventure of a lifetime and a fulfilling trip to Bhutan.


  • Trekking and Tours in Bhutan

    Trekking and Tours in Bhutan

    The tour can be spiritual or exploration but it offers the experiencing vibrant culture of traditional Buddhism along with trekking into its hidden valleys, mountains and the Bhutanese villages. More →

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Destination facts

  • Country: Bhutan
  • Capital: Thimphu
  • Area: 14,824 suare meters
  • Population: 753,947 (2013) World Bank
  • Currencies: Bhutanese ngultrum, Indian rupee
  • Culture: Buddhist
  • No. of heritage site: No
  • Official Language: Dzongkha

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