Just as Tibet is known as the Roof of the World, so Bhutan is called the Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon. Bhutan is a mysterious and remote mountainous country that restricts the number of foreigners allowed to visit annually. Consequently, the countryside is pristine and the peoples’ way of life largely remains as it has been for centuries. Bhutan is a strictly Buddhist country, abounding with vibrant religious festivals and celebrations that few outsiders are privileged to observe and participate in. By joining one of our trekking holidays or tours of Bhutan, we ensure that you are one of those privileged few.

Our Bhutan tour will leave you with a strong appreciation of what sets this enigmatic country apart from all other countries. Each tour is individually designed to meet the needs and expectations of the participants, whether that be a focus on the spirituality of the Bhutanese, the exploration of remote villages or unique cultural sites, following ancient trade routes, or mountain climbing. The Bhutan tour typically includes two treks: the Bumthang Valley Trek and the Jomolhari Trek. Bumthang is one of the most historical cities in Bhutan and is noted for its Buddhist temples and monasteries, and legend has it that it was blessed by Guru Padmasambhava. The surrounding valley is famous for its spectacular scenery and glaciers. The Jomolhari Trek is popular because it offers the opportunity to observe diverse and abundant flora and fauna, and visits to important sites such as Mt. Jomolhari, Jigme Singye National Park, and Jomolhari base camp can all be incorporated into the trek.

A visit to Bhutan is truly a life-changing experience. The spirituality of the Bhutanese and the awe-inspiring scenery of this magnificent country must be experienced at least once. All Bhutan tours are organized to comply with the tourist regulations of the Government of Bhutan.

Jhomolhari Trek

Duration: 12 days
Price : USD 3080

Bumthang Valley Trek

Duration: 13 days
Price : USD 3360
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